Dec 2010 - Dulwich Craft Fair

embi designs invites you to the leafy suburbs of Dulwich Village for this years' Craft Fair, where we will be holding a 'Decandescence' bowl sale and introducing you to 'Flo'.

New for 2011, ‘Flo’ is a multi-functional and reversible set of goblets. A range of shapes and differing sized porcelain cups bathed in iridescence and gold, sit poised on either end of metal stilts.

Simplicity itself but choice abounds!

A glass of red or a touch of sherry? Maybe a sip of champagne? Whatever your tipple, ‘Flo’ will measure up.

Don’t fancy a drink? With a flick of the wrist, ‘Flo’ enhances the mood with the soft glow of candle light.