embi designs produces a range of ceramic products with an emphasis on craftsmanship, integrity of design and engagement. The company slogan, ‘excellence unearthed’, encapsulates a brand philosophy promoting authenticity, interaction and quality of execution.

embi designs’ products aren’t just about space enhancement. Their central theme is function, and are essentially made to be used, but they also serve as food for thought – a place for tired eyes to rest and the mind to wander. To invite a piece into your space is to adopt a new friend – when away, one you look forward to greeting you on your return.

Innovative, hand-crafted designs provide a worthy investment, as pieces span the test of time managing to plant a foot in the past, present and future. Whether chosen from an existing range, limited edition or bespoke, you can be assured that your product is unique.

I hope you enjoy browsing through these pages and come back to see us again soon.

Remember - the more you engage, the greater the sensory reward…

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